White Gold Gilding

Gilding is a process used for centuries. To prepare the frame for gilding, a foundation of gesso, then clay is applied. Gold comes in leafs which are bound together.

Applying the leafs is a delicate process; each leaf is only a micron thick, causing the leaf to dissolve with just a touch of a finger. In this case, a brush is used to apply the gold leaf, called a gilder’s tip. The leaf is adhered with a special glue. The glue dries quickly so one must be cautious. Once the leafs are dry, we finalize with a burnisher and rub, pressing the leafs into the clay causing a shiny effect.

The piece shown is a 22K white gold hand finished frame. We went with a blue clay rub that peaks through the gilding, connecting the art with the frame.

Challenges – Oversized Framing

At Paris Frameworks, we love a challenge, and the painting pictured above by artist Tracy Winston presented us with several!

The painting is made up of two canvas panels approximately 6′ x 7′ each, that meet in the center to form one large composition. Each panel was painstakingly stretched so the composition lined up in the center, then the entire piece was framed in a simple Light Walnut canvas floater frame.

Due to its size, the frame for this piece was made in two sections, then joined with an almost imperceptible join in the client’s home.

The frame is simple, yet striking, and was the perfect choice for such a large, bold canvas. Our client was thrilled with how we met the challenges presented by such a large piece and we were pleased to have been part of creating a real showstopper for their beautiful home.

Island Matting

Island Matting, pictured here, is an elegant way to show off the edges of a work on paper, while expanding it with a window mat at the same time. This not only gives the edges of the work some airspace, but also makes it appear larger with a mat of 2″-3″. Another subtle framing element to consider using with an Island mat is to add an 1/8” spacer to add a bit of extra depth between the glass and the surface of the artwork. We added the spacer here and while subtle, it is a sophisticated look.

Lucite Frames

We have a line of plexi or lucite frames available at Paris Frameworks. They come in a range of colors and profiles. We also offer plexi boxes in any size needed. All orders are custom. Come down to the shop and check out our vast collection and see how they can suit your artwork best.

American Frames

Pictured here is an American frame with a contemporary painting.

American frames are defined by the Louis XVI frame, American Federalist frames were slightly less ornamented and derived their inspiration from Classical antiquity. Sparked most forcibly by the discoveries in Pompeii and Herculaneum, the imitation of classical themes was prevalent during this era. Many wealthy and prominent Americans, having traveled around southern Europe to pursue their studies on the Grand Tour, were inspired not only by Greek and Roman literature, history and philosophy, but by classical architecture as well. Defined by ancient Roman symbols such as laurel and acanthus leaves, pearls and berries.

In this frame, you can see the elements of nature such as leaves in the corner design and adding the tooling in the panel give it some texture and movement. We added a wide cream beveled-in liner to set off the painting.