marco galotta

Marco Gallotta: New York artist

Italian born Marco Gallotta is a New York based artist who’s unique stylings set him apart from any other.  Marco’s technique of creating imagery by cutting paper, using both the negative space and remaining material, forms powerful works of art.  The meshing, cutting, and overlapping of his works simulate a depth that draws in the eye of the viewer while encouraging them to explore the piece.  Marco’s inspirations are derived from landscapes, urbanscapes, and the physical forms of people.  He moved to New York in 2000 to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology and continues to find the urbanscape of the city and diversity of its population an inspiration.  Marco uses a vast number of mixed media techniques including drawing, painting, and printmaking.

This piece by Marco features a female portrait.  The figure is formed by weaving a collage of images.  This work has been mounted on a white mat board, allowing the piece to stand out from the neutral background.  This mounting mat board has been mounted on a backing board, bringing the image forward to meet the viewer.  This mirrors Marco’s technique, as materials are layered in this framing style.  The frame used is a glossy white wood frame.  These layers of white add many different levels to the presentation, while remaining neutral.