White Gold with Walnut

We framed this beautiful pencil sketch floating on a white rag board with spacers to match in a clean white gold frame with walnut sides. The result is simple, timeless, elegant and fresh.

Unique Floater Frame

We framed this oil painted portrait on canvas by artist Brad Livingstone Black with a unique floater frame: 1-½” face x 2″ depth with a white wash face and natural maple sides. The thickness of the frame gives the piece a substantial quality and the color differentiation gives it a sharp edge with a contemporary flare.

Brad is a contemporary artist based in NYC. He is a delight to work with and we love his art. www.livingstoneblack.com


We framed this small abstract canvas in a 3″ wide rounded edge floater frame made from zebrawood. Zebrawood is characterized by a striped pattern that is reminiscent of a zebra. The stripes in the wood work well with the movement in the artwork and the soft natural tone compliments the equally soft colors in the painting.

Gilded Traditional Framing with a Twist

We framed this hand-painted Brazilian dollar bill in a 12ply white Island matting, showing 3/16″ all around. We also added an 1/8″ spacer to give this piece a more object-like quality. Next we chose a 2″ gilded (to match the gilding in the dollar bill) frame in a traditional American profile with florets in each corner as a decorative addition. The circular florets mimic the soccer ball in the center of the bill, being the main focus of this piece it is central to the theme and important to recognize.

Painted Wood Finishes

We framed this beautiful paper collage mounted to a wood substrate in a simple hand-finished frame with wood spacers and float board to match.  Since the collage is mounted to a recessed wood substrate, it creates a hovering effect seeing the shadow underneath and all around the artwork creating a halo. We floated it on a wood panel, which is known as a floater base, with 1-1/2″ to see all around giving the art enough breathing room. We added a tall enough wood spacer to allow 1/2″ air space above the surface of the work. The frame is a simple profile with a flat thin face, 11/16 x 2″, painted to match the client’s wall paint: a Benjamin Moore color, Athena #858. The frame, floater base and spacers all match so they disappear. Lastly we added Optium Plexi to protect the artwork from UV rays and also to provide an anti-reflective quality which is less distracting to the viewer.

Overall the framing will disappear on the client’s wall since the color matches, which allows the beautiful artwork to pop forward as if hovering in space effortlessly.