Corner Ornaments and Clay Rubs

Corner ornaments and clay rubs are beautiful ways to add interest to framed artwork.

For this piece, our client wanted a frame that spoke to the time period of the print without being ostentatious. We began by choosing a slim, white gold frame with a periwinkle blue clay rub underneath. We liked the curves of the frame, but wanted a touch of ornamentation.

Adding a floral corner ornament provided the perfect solution and complimented the botanical elements in the print. The blue rub tied the frame to the child’s dress and – combined with the corner ornament – brought to mind simple flowers such as pansies and sweet peas. The effect was somewhat whimsical – quite fitting for such a sweet print.

Museum Display Boxes

Our client was looking for the best way to protect and showcase his antique pottery collection so we designed these museum boxes for him. These boxes, also known as plexi boxes, use museum quality materials to preserve, protect and display the art or objects in a minimalistic and modern way.

Gilded Interior, Painted Exterior

We framed a photo of The Rolling Stones in a custom “Bishop’s Hat” frame. It’s called a Bishop’s Hat because of the pointed top. The interior of the frame is moon gold with red clay and a medium rubbing to allow the clay color to come through. The outside of the frame is a specific Benjamin Moore color to match the wall color of the client’s home (grey/white).  The matting is minimal, about 2″, but 12ply deep for added effect.

The interior gilding brings out the rich warm tones of the photo and also makes it pop with color, richness and importance. The exterior of the frame makes it light and also it will disappear into the wall, which is the same color.

We are happy to use our Benjamin Moore color sampler chart and match your frame to your walls. Bring us your piece, and let’s explore an ocean of possibilities.

Framing Tapestries

We framed the above Scottish silk tapestry for a client and we are thrilled with the results. The piece itself is fragile and has suffered some damages throughout, given its age and delicacy. Framing the piece is the first step in its preservation.  We chose a walnut burl ogee frame with an antiqued silver liner to set it off. The burl of the frame has a soft tooling which softly compliments the natural buckling of the silk, mimicking the gentle waves and movement. We added anti-reflective Museum Glass for protection as well as an archival spacer to keep the glass away from the art.

Bring us your fabric and tapestry pieces to us and let’s see how we can preserve your piece of history for the next generations to come.


Framing Black & White Photographs

Black and white will always have a place in the world of photography. Because they are so monochromatic there are not as many options when it’s time to choose a frame. For this client, who collects vintage photographs of famous rock and roll bands, we keep it simple with a slanted black satin frame.  A nice wide mat with a deep bevel mimics the shape of the frame and draws you to the subject. A classic design for a classic medium.