Matting Design

Expect the unexpected.
We framed a black & white photo of a client’s children on the beach. They are looking off to the right, and the client wanted to do something different and unexpected with this piece, so we made the matting even all around except for the right side, making it twice as big as the other sides. This is unusual for many reasons. Matting is typically even all around or sometimes a little heavier on the bottom, called a weighted bottom.
And since the matting is unusual, we chose a simple profile in white gold.
The matting brings your eye to the right which is where the children are looking, which in turn brings your eye back to the children.
Sometimes an unexpected turn is exactly what is needed.
Think outside the box, and see the reward.

Float mounting Photographs

We recently float mounted a series of black and white family photos. Pictured here is a 4×6″ photo that we dry mounted and added a 4ply reverse bevel lift underneath. We floated it on a white rag board with 3/8″ float space to see all around; and lastly we added rag board spacers to keep the Museum Glass away from the photo surface.  We chose a simple flat white frame with a thin face (5/8″), which disappears along with the thin white float space allowing the image to pop forward.

Float Mounting a photo is a contemporary way to showcase a photograph, especially a family photo. This method is usually done on contemporary work. Walead Beshty, a well known abstract photographer who specializes in photograms, started doing this type of framing and mounting of his pieces a few years ago. Since then it has been trending among photographers to add a sharp contemporary look to any piece.

Shadow Boxes for Object Framing

Shadow box framing for objects, such as these pictured here, serve as a unique and creative way to preserve the importance of these objects and the memories they hold.

Mirror Glass

Mirrors come in a wide variety of colors and finishes, ranging from black to grey to bronze to silver to cobalt, etc. Finishes can be in satin, heavy antique, light antique, gold leaf, silver leaf, smoked, etc. Another variation on mirror glass is adding a bevel, which can be 3/4″ or 1″ or 2″, etc.

There are so many possibilities with mirror glass, and we haven’t even started on the frame yet. Come down to Paris Frameworks and see the ocean of possibilities for glass and frame options. Mirrors are a great way to expand a small space and be functional as well.

Welded Steel and Aluminum Frames

Here at Paris Frameworks, we offer a wide variety of frame options including welded steel and aluminum frames.

Pictured here is an example of a 3/4″ face hammered stainless steel frame on a Fonssagrives photograph we framed. With a strong image like this one, it’s best to keep the matting simple and add a strong frame to accommodate the style of the piece. Welded metal frames are often used on fine art photography because they add a finality and structure these pieces require.