Framing in Three Dimensions

Framing isn’t just for pictures. At New York Framemakers, we’re serious about preservation, and our skills can extend beyond the two dimensional. When it comes to protecting, preserving and displaying three-dimensional objects, there are several ways to go about it. On display in our store is an example of the sleekest method: a plexiglass box.

These ancient stone figures are mounted on a white linen backdrop using well-disguised thread. The texture of the linen picks up on the earthy, rustic nature of the statues, while maintaining the stark neutrality of a white wall. The five-inch deep box is made of 99% UV-protected plexiglass and features polished, bubble-free edges. Lightweight plexi hangs easily on the wall and showcases these rare sculptures in a museum-quality fashion.

Whether it’s a family heirloom, a sculptural work of art, a sentimental keepsake or a historical artifact, don’t let it collect dust on a shelf–frame it!