Custom Picture Framing in Manhattan

At Paris Frameworks, we specialize in custom picture framing with a focus on conservation, preservation and design. The purpose of custom framing is to protect and preserve artwork, display and complement the artwork and to enhance the overall decor of homes and offices. We offer unique and creative picture framing designs to showcase and preserve your memories and heirlooms. Please browse our portfolio to see examples of our work.

Paris Frameworks has years of experience serving private clients, interior designers, artists and galleries. We are here to assist you in designing the perfect combination of matting, frame and conservation materials. We offer personal one-on-one assistance, incorporating our clients’ style and vision in each custom project. Every piece of art requires individual consideration to determine the appropriate treatment and frame design. All framing is done in our workshop.

CONSERVATION FRAMING creates a safe and protective environment that preserves the life and value of artwork and valued possessions. We specialize in creating a framing presentation that protects your artwork. Our fundamental preservation standards are:

  • Matting materials and backing boards are 100% cotton fiber, designed to trap acids from reaching the artwork.
  • Glazing: We offer Glass or Plexi/Acrylic that provides maximum protection against UV damage to prevent artwork from fading.
  • Artwork inside the frame is separated from glass or plexi via spacers or matting. If artwork touches the glass or plexi, over time it may adhere to it.  The artwork is also isolated from the materials in the frame that could damage the artwork (such as acids in the wood).
  • Reversible framing practices are used when hinging artworks on paper to their support; considering the size and weight of the artwork we choose the type and number of hinges that will support the artwork without restricting its natural movement over time; we use Japanese paper to make hinges and archival water soluble adhesives.
  • Mounted artwork is backed for further protection and then sealed.

Paris Frameworks offers over 4,000 hand-made and commercial mouldings in a variety of materials, profiles and finishes. Our Closed Corner Handmade Frames are highly customizable and offer an infinite range of options. We can finish the frame to exactly the right color and shade for your artwork. These handcrafted mouldings are finished after they are joined for the ultimate in beauty and style.

Custom Closed Corner Handmade Frames

Painted & Stained Wood Frames

Hardwood Frames

 Our contemporary hardwood frames are available in a variety of woods (from maple, oak, ash, walnut, cherry, mahogany to exotic woods like rosewood, zebrawood, cocobolo and more), featuring numerous profiles and finishes (stains, painted finishes, matte & glossy lacquers and metallic finishes).

Traditional Antiqued Gilded Frames

Gold Leaf Frames

We are proud to offer hand carved genuine gold leaf frames. These stunning designs are available in period and contemporary styles, gilded in various yellow and white gold finishes.

Welded Steel & Aluminum Frames

Metal Frames

Welded steel, welded aluminum and brass frames are available in different profiles, finishes and colors. Metal frames are suitable for everything from modern to industrial.

Acrylic Lucite Frames and Plexi Boxes

Acrylic Lucite Frames

Custom fabricated acrylic frames come in a number of profiles and can be clear or frosted with a variety of colors to choose from.

Commercial Frames

At Paris Frameworks, we select commercial mouldings from the world’s best suppliers. We cut the wood to the specific size and join them ourselves in our woodshop. This gives us the utmost quality control for a commercial frame- such as giving us the ability to match up patterns and making the commercial moulding overall look impeccable.

Beach House Commercial Frames

Commercial Frame Mouldings

Commercial Wood Frame Mouldings


Selecting the right visual combination of mats along with the frame and art can elevate the final work to a stunning result. But there is more to the mat than just aesthetics. 

Mat serves a very important function in protecting artwork. There is a variety of quality levels of matboards.

Matboard can be made from 2 basic types of pulp: Wood pulp and Cotton pulp.

Best matboards are 100% cotton, also referred to as rag. Cotton fibers are naturally acid-free and lignin-free. Cotton is time-tested and naturally free of any chemicals or pollutants that would degrade matboard or artwork. Cotton is the safest, time-proven substance for making matting boards as well as mounting boards for art preservation. Cotton is a renewable resource and completely recyclable, making it environmentally friendly option. Cotton rag matboard is ideal when the highest levels of protection are required. 

At Paris Frameworks, our mats are 100% cotton rag. We make our mat bevels in multiple thicknesses, ranging from the industry standard of 4ply & 8ply to our preference of 12ply, 16ply & 20ply. Our mats are hand cut with precision and skill, adding an element of elegance to your frame.

We also offer hand wrapped fabric mats, which are also available in different thicknesses. The fabric is wrapped around 100% cotton rag board and then 100% cotton fiber barrier is used to separate the fabric from the artwork.

Mat Samples

Mat Samples

Mat Samples


Liners separate the frame from the canvas on oil and acrylic paintings.  We offer them in a number of widths, profiles and depths, and are seamlessly hand wrapped with fabric. We have a multitude of fabric colors in linen, silk, suede, or velvet!


  • Hinging (art on paper)
  • Canvas stretch and re-stretch (paintings on canvas)
  • Blocking and stitching (embroidery, needlework)
  • Lacing (sport jerseys, clothing articles)
  • Photo corners (photographs)
  • Archival Dry mount (posters, newspaper articles)
  • Specialty (3D objects, memorabilia)


  • Optium Acrylic Plexi-Glass: UV protection + Anti-Reflection
  • Museum glass: UV protection + Anti-Reflection
  • UV Glass
  • UV Acrylic Plexi-Glass


Acrylic Boxes

Custom acrylic display boxes feature UV filtering (also available with anti-reflective technology) and are bubble-free. We also make custom pedestals.

unique Framing Display

Unique Displays

We can design, construct and install special display solutions for your unique need and space.

The Design Process

Our skilled designers will guide you through the frame design process, helping you choose the materials that best enhance and protect your artwork. We work with you to create a finished product that not only suits your aesthetic needs but that will preserve your project for years to come. Paris Frameworks offers personal one-on-one assistance in our gallery or in your home or office.

We would like to make your experience working with Paris Frameworks as convenient as possible. Contact us or stop by our showroom to discuss your framing project or schedule an on-site consultation. You can also send a digital picture of the item you would like framed and we can email you design suggestions along with a quote. We will be happy to pick up your artwork and deliver and/or install it once it is ready. Learn more about our convenient framing and design services.