conservation framing

What is conservation framing?

Paris Frameworks is proud to offer custom conservation framing.  Conservation framers use materials and methods that protect the framed piece from harmful environmental factors while not affecting its condition.  Thus a piece can be shown to its advantage, rather than being stored in a dark, climate-neutral space to ensure its safety.  Conservation framing allows the artwork to be displayed without the risk of deterioration that can be caused by exposure to the environment.

Harmful environmental factors include light, heat, humidity, moisture, dirt, and dust.  Over time, even a small amount of light is damaging to artwork; UV rays from natural and fluorescent light sources cause colors to fade and paper to become brittle.  Other environmental fluctuations can cause paper to buckle with moisture or be infiltrated by mold, and air pollution can combine with moisture to form acids that damage the paper.  We use coated glass and acrylic with a glaze that filters out 99 percent of harmful UV rays.  We also take special care to seal the frames to prevent dust and moisture from affecting the work within.  Conservation framing will allow your work to be shown for decades, as vibrant as the day you framed it with us.