plexi box

plexi box

Plexi Boxes and Object Framing

We are well known for our plexi boxes and object framing.  We welcome any challenge you may have and look forward to preserving your three-dimensional objects.

Pictured here is a 17th Century Vatican case with pendants featured in the interior front and back panels.  We wanted to be able to view all sides and preserve it well so we chose a UV plexi box to encase it.  We wrapped the base in a neutral beige linen which softened the edges of the angular case and likened it to a jewelry box.

To attach it we made a small wood armature wrapped in the same neutral beige linen to lift it on that side, which gave the interior a natural angle so we could view the front and back panels. To attach the other side we used a nearly invisible mylar strip and adhered it to the reverse side so it remains stationary with ease.

Next we have a unique soda can sculpture which will be presented on a pedestal. The sculpture is gently placed in the center of the base with ample airspace above and around it to give it plenty of room to breathe. We chose a hearty walnut base 1-½” deep to accentuate the wood tone of the figure coming out of the soda can.