Fun With Colored Frames

The mention of colored frames often brings to mind images of children’s artwork. However, colored frames can be used to create interesting effects with “Adult” pieces as well.

Our client wanted to do something fun and unexpected with this Charles Pabst giclée, so we decided to play with color and texture to create something totally unique.

To begin, we chose a handmade canvas float frame using two types of Maple, stained with two different colors from the artist’s palette. The top and left-hand side is made of Tiger Maple stained a light orange, while the bottom and right-hand side is made of Bird’s Eye Maple stained Lemon Yellow. The colored stains highlight the figure of each wood, adding depth and emphasizing texture. For additional interest, we decided to add dimension by extending the upper right-hand leg and lower left-hand leg, giving the piece a sculptural feel.

The finished piece is truly distinctive, absolutely singular and…well…a lot of fun!