When framing artwork, mats can be used to achieve multiple effects. However, the primary purpose of a mat is to keep the glass from touching the artwork. Over time, changes in temperature and humidity can compromise paints, inks and paper emulsions, leading them to soften and adhere to surfaces pressed against them. Raising the glass eliminates this risk.

This piece by pop artist James Rizzi is comprised of the same image printed twice, with elements from one print cut out and mounted on top of the other. The cut pieces were then raised to achieve a 3D effect.

To keep the glass from touching the print – thereby destroying its 3D qualities – we used a 20 ply window mat that raised the glass about 1/8″ from the surface of the print. We then used a 1/8″ spacer between the mat and the glass to emphasize the print’s 3D qualities.

Our client wanted to keep things simple, so we chose a mat of the same color as the paperbase and a Clean Silver frame that complimented the work without overpowering it.

Much thought was put into the framing choices for this print.  However, the end result appears effortless, allowing viewers to focus on the detail and elaborate minutiae of this fun piece.