The vibrancy of India deserves a frame to match

This bright and colorful Indian painting depicts images accented with antique gold and silver.  The black border with silver botanical patterns act as a perfect window through which the painting is seen.  We used a white four-ply mat board to create a thin border within the sand color of an eight-ply double mat.  This white border prevents the piece from being overwhelmed by the many colors used in this framing job.  The double matting technique of the four-ply and eight-ply mats, as well as the quarter-inch spacer between the mat and glass, gives this piece a dramatic cascading effect which is even further emphasized by the black border of the painting itself.  The sand tones of the doubled mat mirror the shades of the sky and hills in the background of the painting.  The cap frame we chose has a facing of antique gold leaf, complimenting the antique gold used in the painting.  The sides of the cap frame are light mahogany to compliment the rich warm tones used within the piece.  Our final touch was to use museum glass as to cut the glare, allowing this piece to glow all more brightly.