deep bevel

A bright side of deep bevel frames

Deep bevel frames are a popular and attractive design, but can often add shadows to a piece as the bevel can block out light.  This can be useful when someone wants a tint of moodiness added to a work of art.  But a touch of shade doesn’t work with all pieces.  How then does someone get the attractive look of a bevel while keeping their piece bright and undramatic?

This painting contains almost no black as the artist chose to use bright blues, turquoises, and yellows to fill the canvas.  The handcrafted frame bordering the piece is of a honey-colored wood that compliments the warm tones of the painting.  The ½ inch wide wood face shoots down to become a sharp, ¾ inch-deep bevel.  The bevel has been painted with a white gold that shines instead of absorbing light.  The white gold reflects the image back outward with even more brightness.  This technique adds both depth and a lively effect to any work of art.