flat cap frames

Contemporary Flat Cap Frames

Our contemporary flat cap frames come in a variety of finishes, widths and depths. We carry every shade of white from brightest white to creamiest cream. We can paint our frames to match any Benjamin Moore color as well: pick a color, any color. We can even do the frame face white (or any color you want) with a natural wood side, like the sample in the above photo. Get creative!

The depth can be 2″ or 1″ or even 3/4″ to your liking. Some people like a frame to stand away from the wall and some people like a shorter frame, and we can do either to suit your needs.

We can do a thin 1/2″ face or 5/8″ or 3/4″ or 11/16″ or as large or thin as you like. All options are available.

Come check us out and see how one of these sharp contemporary frames can work for you.