machu pichu

Clean Contrast

This crisp photograph of Machu Pichu required two things from its frame. It needed something stark to compliment the high contrast in the photo, but which would not distract from the bright color and copious detail. We opted for the classic black frame/white mat combination, but with a few playful twists.

Because the city depicted in the photograph is so ancient, we didn’t want the frame to look too modern. Rather than a standard, contemporary, flat black frame, we chose a more traditional, carved moulding. The finish is an antique black, with several purposeful nicks to show distress.

Though the black of the frame stands out against the pure white mat, we wanted to play up the contrast a little more by adding a black fillet. A fillet is a thin, extra lip of moulding that typically fits under the bevel of the mat to add detail.

The vintage charm paired with the sleek, clean feeling of black-and-white makes for a piece that can blend with all kinds of decor. The overall effect is a crisp, classical look.