Adventurous Austerity

Even when sticking to the golden rule of “less is more”, there are a lot of ways to get creative. Take for example this beautiful woodcut we framed recently. The piece itself is bold but diminutive; it needed a frame that wouldn’t overpower it, yet would match it’s strength of line and form.

We used one of our handmade maple moldings with a steep inner bevel, which gives the illusion of a delicately narrow face. The brushed steel finish compliments the energetic, scratchy lines of the woodcut. We chose a linen-wrapped mat with a rough texture and creamy-white tone in order to brighten the paper, which had yellowed over time. This we stacked over an 8-ply black mat, so that just the dark bevel shows, subtly outlining the piece and creating a very deep incline to match the outer slopes of the frame.

Even though there are no wild colors (thats a good thing!), this adventurous framing job strays far from the ordinary without relinquishing its sleek, modern elegance.