frosted acrylic frame

Frosted acrylic frame

This small black and white photograph of a sweet moment between a boy and his dog is a calm and bright image that could easily be overpowered by a bold or weighty frame. As the subjects are the only dark details of the image, we matted the photo with a broad bright-white mat.  The mat allows the piece to have enough breathing room while complimenting the white background of the photo.  The deep bevel of the mat guides the eye of the viewer, directing them right to the subjects.

This frosted acrylic frame is a bright and peaceful design choice for many works.  These frames pick up light, as sources shine through the clear faces, and accent the color of the wall on which its hung.  The clean, glacial appearance works perfectly for this photo as it creates a wide border to enlarge the piece while remaining soft and light, creating a lasting serene and radiant effect.