Sharp Elegant Framing Design

We recently framed a painting on paper from 1977 depicting a female nude in an expressive style.  The paper has a deckled edge so we wanted to show it off by floating it 3/4″ around on a soft linen white float board. To emphasize the geometrical theme throughout the artwork, we chose to use a Tall Flat Slant frame in linen white to match the float board.  And of course we chose Museum Glass as the glazing, not to be distracted by glare. This allows the viewer to enjoy the piece without distraction of a reflective surface.

The artwork is vibrant in color and style; the frame compliments the geometrical design of the piece but at the same time disappears with the soft white-on-white frame and background.  A good frame job emphasizes the artwork so that the art is seen first and foremost; then the eye can travel out and start to notice the framing second.  Framing is a supportive and protective measure for any piece of art and should never deter or distract away from the main focus: the artwork.