paper conservation

paper conservation

Paper Conservation

Pictured here is our latest job in paper conservation featuring before and after shots.  A client came in with a beautiful Matisse print, previously framed. Once I took it apart from the original frame, I discovered that the previous acidic mat stained the art paper. Also the linen tape hinges had to be removed safely.

I contacted our paper conservator and got this job started right away.  The acid staining was removed through a series of light alkaline and bleach baths.  This helps to reduce any dirt and staining and also aids in flattening the paper. The bleaching process must be carefully monitored and only applied where needed. In this case the image and immediate surrounding areas were fine; it was where the piece was over-matted where the staining appeared.  The solution can be brushed or sprayed on to limit the exposure to specific areas.

And with Pelon (a spun polyester interfacing), blotter paper and a light water solution, the linen tape hinges were gently removed from the art verso.  Linen tape is great for bookbinding but probably shouldn’t be used directly on artwork.  Japanese paper hinges and natural wheat paste is what is best for hinging artwork, and it’s what we use here at Paris Frameworks.

The transformation is remarkable and helps to preserve the piece for a lifetime.