Circle Frame

We recently framed a photo of David Bowie in a 2″ wide chalky white circle frame custom designed for a client. The photo is a film still, and the white dots in the background mimic the white circle frame giving an overall dream-like effect to the piece. It’s meant to be a dream bubble floating through the ether.

We dry mounted the photo to ensure flatness, then added a 1/4″ spacer and lastly we added Optium Museum plexi for the anti-reflective effect. On an overall dark piece like this one, the glazing’s glare becomes an issue in which case we recommend an anti-reflective glazing.

Circle frames are not commonly done but only on occasion. In this case it suited the art best, and it now has become a show-stopping piece.  Because of the design, this frame had to be done entirely by hand, painstakingly crafted. And of course cutting plexi in a circle was not easy either. This job took us nearly two months to complete, but the effect was worth it and the client is happy with the results.