Gilded Interior, Painted Exterior

We framed a photo of The Rolling Stones in a custom “Bishop’s Hat” frame. It’s called a Bishop’s Hat because of the pointed top. The interior of the frame is moon gold with red clay and a medium rubbing to allow the clay color to come through. The outside of the frame is a specific Benjamin Moore color to match the wall color of the client’s home (grey/white).  The matting is minimal, about 2″, but 12ply deep for added effect.

The interior gilding brings out the rich warm tones of the photo and also makes it pop with color, richness and importance. The exterior of the frame makes it light and also it will disappear into the wall, which is the same color.

We are happy to use our Benjamin Moore color sampler chart and match your frame to your walls. Bring us your piece, and let’s explore an ocean of possibilities.