framed tiles

Eight Artistic Tiles

Pictured here is a unique framing job involving eight artistic tiles.

We came up with a floater frame design with a ½” panel with the same finish.  The tiles were laid out the way the client wanted to see them.  We gave them ¾” air space in between and 1″ all around.

Next I had our guys do some custom routing in the panel an 1/8″ deep to accommodate the size of each tile individually.  The tile itself is ¼” thick, so if the tiles are sunk by 1/8″ they are still coming out by another 1/8″ and secured safely in place with some archival reversible adhesive. If the clients wants to remove them later on, they have the option.

The end result is stunning, and the client was very pleased with the presentation. They now look gallery ready.