old photo

Tiny Glimpse into the Past

Good things come in small packages. This tiny, mysterious, antique photo of a 4-year-old girl is over a century old! Something so small and so steeped in history carries an inherent magic. We had to frame it in a style as enchanting as the photograph itself.

We floated the piece on a dark olive silk. The dark green adds subtle color to bounce off of the sepia tones in the photograph. The luscious texture of silk alludes the Edwardian era, yet the decision to float it is fresh and contemporary. The fluted silver frame is commercially-made. But unlike many frame shops, we order our mouldings in length, then cut them and join them ourselves in our woodshop. This gives us the ability to control how patterns match up in corners. In this case we were able to create corner details by strategically chopping the moulding in all the right places. The result is a delightfully art-deco look, both elegant and quiet.

We topped it all off with museum glass, which will protect the photo from any further light damage, while providing amazing clarity with virtually no reflection.