unique floater frame

Unique Floater Frames for Paintings

We recently framed a “Twombly-esque” painting on canvas in a unique floater frame. This frame pictured here is typically a cap frame, meaning it crops over the edge of the art, mat or glass. In this case, we added a floater base and build-up and made it into a floater frame for this unique work of art. The canvas is floating 1/4″ all around with an 1/8″ recess.  The frame itself is a step frame in white gold with medium antiquing and blue clay underneath to tie into the blue of the painting. The repetitive steps in the frame pick up on the repetitive and continuous brush strokes in the piece.  The frame and the art should look like a pair, like they belong together; and together they are a true partnership.

Thinking creatively and out-of-the-box in the framing industry is truly an asset, and in this case the client was pleased with the results.

contemporary framing

contemporary framing

Contemporary Framing for Older Works

We recently framed two beautiful works on paper by Claude Flight (top) and Cyril Powers (below), both from the Art Deco period.  This style is surprisingly contemporary, even by today’s standards, so we wanted to match the geometric and organic feel of the artwork. We used a step frame with a sharp back bevel so it appears to be hovering off the wall on which it rests.  Also we chose to do the matting and frame in a cream tone-on-tone. This treatment allows the frame and matting to disappear and the artwork to be the star.  The eye is immediately drawn to the image and then hovers outward toward the matting and then the frame.

A good framing job lets the art be the star, and the frame is only the background and also protector of the art.

metal frames

Metal Frames

We recently framed two small works on paper as a set with a 1/4″ air space in between the two pieces, which was the artist’s directive. We floated them 3/4″ to see all around on a simpatico float board: archival, 100% cotton rag board, of course, with spacers and Museum Glass.  The client wanted to use a thin 1/2″ face welded aluminum frame with a special rust finish to compliment the washy image of the artwork.

Welded aluminum frames come in a wide variety of sizes and finishes. Come and explore our collection of these finely made hand crafted frames and see how they can enhance your artwork.  They look great when framing works on paper like this one pictured here and also on contemporary and mid-century photography.

double sided frame

double sided frame

Double Sided Stand-up Frame

We recently framed a letter for a client where they wanted to see both sides, so we did a double sided frame. They wanted to see all around the letter with plenty of air space so we floated it in between two pieces of plexi glass 1-1/2″ to see all around. The frame is made from maple wood with a dark walnut stain. The client wanted this to be a free-standing object so we added a 3/4″ beveled base to give it a stylish and stable support. This piece currently sits on the client’s desk at home, and it captures her precious memories in a nicely styled custom double sided presentation that they are very happy with.

Bring us your double sided pieces and we’ll frame them, preserving your memories beautifully.


Fun with Fillets

We framed two still life oil paintings on board in a pair of complimentary frames that elegantly enhance the paintings by picking up on the overall tonalities of the works.  We added the same gold fillet to each piece, adding some brightness allowing the works to pop in the overall soft presentation.

Bring us your artwork:  painting, works on paper or otherwise, and let’s play with some frames and fillets. Fillets come in all colors: gold, silver, white, black, and every shade of the rainbow. Come join us and let’s explore some options.