Matting Design

Expect the unexpected.
We framed a black & white photo of a client’s children on the beach. They are looking off to the right, and the client wanted to do something different and unexpected with this piece, so we made the matting even all around except for the right side, making it twice as big as the other sides. This is unusual for many reasons. Matting is typically even all around or sometimes a little heavier on the bottom, called a weighted bottom.
And since the matting is unusual, we chose a simple profile in white gold.
The matting brings your eye to the right which is where the children are looking, which in turn brings your eye back to the children.
Sometimes an unexpected turn is exactly what is needed.
Think outside the box, and see the reward.


We framed this Andy Warhol print in a simpatico tone-on-tone framing style where the float board and the frame are the same color as the background of the art. This style allows the framing to disappear and the art to rise to the forefront, where it should be. If framing is done correctly, the art is the first thing you see and the framing second.

Floater Frames

Floater frames like the one pictured here is a contemporary way to present a canvas, showing off all the edges. Using a thin profile like this one here, has the added benefit of keeping the overall size close to the art size by not expanding it too much. This works well in many New York City or urban homes with limited space.