Matting Design

Expect the unexpected.
We framed a black & white photo of a client’s children on the beach. They are looking off to the right, and the client wanted to do something different and unexpected with this piece, so we made the matting even all around except for the right side, making it twice as big as the other sides. This is unusual for many reasons. Matting is typically even all around or sometimes a little heavier on the bottom, called a weighted bottom.
And since the matting is unusual, we chose a simple profile in white gold.
The matting brings your eye to the right which is where the children are looking, which in turn brings your eye back to the children.
Sometimes an unexpected turn is exactly what is needed.
Think outside the box, and see the reward.

Little Photo, Big Frame

This black and white photograph is soft yet visually striking. We went with an ultra wide beveled frame in the dark teak stain to create a statement piece that forces your eye to the work. A large mat gives room to the piece and keeps the frame from becoming overwhelming. We just LOVE this look!


Framing Black & White Photographs

Black and white will always have a place in the world of photography. Because they are so monochromatic there are not as many options when it’s time to choose a frame. For this client, who collects vintage photographs of famous rock and roll bands, we keep it simple with a slanted black satin frame.  A nice wide mat with a deep bevel mimics the shape of the frame and draws you to the subject. A classic design for a classic medium.