Unique Floater Frame

We framed this oil painted portrait on canvas by artist Brad Livingstone Black with a unique floater frame: 1-½” face x 2″ depth with a white wash face and natural maple sides. The thickness of the frame gives the piece a substantial quality and the color differentiation gives it a sharp edge with a contemporary flare.

Brad is a contemporary artist based in NYC. He is a delight to work with and we love his art. www.livingstoneblack.com

frosted acrylic frame

Frosted acrylic frame

This small black and white photograph of a sweet moment between a boy and his dog is a calm and bright image that could easily be overpowered by a bold or weighty frame. As the subjects are the only dark details of the image, we matted the photo with a broad bright-white mat.  The mat allows the piece to have enough breathing room while complimenting the white background of the photo.  The deep bevel of the mat guides the eye of the viewer, directing them right to the subjects.

This frosted acrylic frame is a bright and peaceful design choice for many works.  These frames pick up light, as sources shine through the clear faces, and accent the color of the wall on which its hung.  The clean, glacial appearance works perfectly for this photo as it creates a wide border to enlarge the piece while remaining soft and light, creating a lasting serene and radiant effect.

marco galotta

Marco Gallotta: New York artist

Italian born Marco Gallotta is a New York based artist who’s unique stylings set him apart from any other.  Marco’s technique of creating imagery by cutting paper, using both the negative space and remaining material, forms powerful works of art.  The meshing, cutting, and overlapping of his works simulate a depth that draws in the eye of the viewer while encouraging them to explore the piece.  Marco’s inspirations are derived from landscapes, urbanscapes, and the physical forms of people.  He moved to New York in 2000 to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology and continues to find the urbanscape of the city and diversity of its population an inspiration.  Marco uses a vast number of mixed media techniques including drawing, painting, and printmaking.

This piece by Marco features a female portrait.  The figure is formed by weaving a collage of images.  This work has been mounted on a white mat board, allowing the piece to stand out from the neutral background.  This mounting mat board has been mounted on a backing board, bringing the image forward to meet the viewer.  This mirrors Marco’s technique, as materials are layered in this framing style.  The frame used is a glossy white wood frame.  These layers of white add many different levels to the presentation, while remaining neutral.




Subtle metal frame for portraits

These beautiful and fair ink portraits have been framed in a 3/16 inch wide champagne-silver metal frame.  The thin border created by this frame is mirrored by the soft grey border of the double mat.  Such borders draw attention to the light washing of the ink used to create the faces, filling out the forms and displaying the gradients of the tones.  The top layer of this double mat aims to match the cream tones of the portraits.  This ensures that the full attention of the viewer rests on the pieces.  The frames offer a contemporary touch to these graceful portraits with a deep recess of 3/8 of an inch from the flat face of the frame down to the art.  The overall affect is delicate and unique.

antique frame

Customer’s Own Antique Frame

Our customers are special to us and often come with unique projects.  Recently a client chose to honor his ancestor, General Eduard Totleben of the 1853-1856 Crimean War, by choosing to frame his portrait.  Our client desired the piece to be set into his own antique oval frame, then selected one of our archival mats to be cut into an accenting oval for the piece.

We are very happy to work with client’s own materials along our custom frames and mats to give the best presentation for the work of art.

Russian General Eduard Totleben is celebrated for his ingenious ideas in engineering that transformed concepts of defensive warfare.



“Eduard Totleben.” Wikipedia. Wikimedia Foundation, 4 May 2015. Web. 27 July 2015.

baby photos

Simple, Clean, Baby Portrait

A beautiful, clean, and luminous image deserves an equally clean frame job! Not only does our white mat and white frame combination help the skin tones and blue accessories to pop, our client’s photograph will be preserved for generations with UV protected glass and a 100% cotton rag mat.

We look forward to seeing these cute kids grow up and enjoy the framed portrait celebrating the newest member of the family!

math-you namie

math-you namie

Local Portrait Artist: Math-You Namie

Here at Madison Avenue, we are proud to present another local portrait artist: Math-You Namie. Pictured above is a hand-painted portrait on linen with make-up and cigarette ash staining, 23×29,” 2015.

The client decided to frame the portrait in a luxurious moon gold floater frame with the gilding on the inside, face and outside of the frame.  This gives the piece a halo effect in gold.

For more information on his work or to commission a portrait, check out his website: www.math-younamie.com

livingstone black

Featuring Local Portrait Artist: Brad Livingstone Black

We are currently featuring a local portrait artist named Brad Livingstone Black with one of his portraits in our front window.

This piece, titled “Taylor,” is 18×28″ and a gold leaf silkscreen on canvas, 2013.  Brad is available for commission portraits on canvas as well as pencil drawings. For more information on his work or to commission a portrait from him directly, check out his website: http://livingstoneblack.com/

Tumblr Page: http://blivblack.tumblr.com/

Also check out this article written in Departures magazine on the greatest portrait artists featuring Brad’s work: http://www.departures.com/art-culture/culture-watch/great-painted-portrait-artists

lego portrait

Custom Framing – Lego Portrait

For a recent custom framing project here at Paris Frameworks, we framed a lego portrait of a client’s child.  We floated the piece using a matching gray mat underneath, with deep, ¾” spacers to protect the portrait from the glass and create a shadow-box effect.  Finally, a black glossy lacquer finished frame was chosen.  What a fun and creative way to showcase this client’s lego portrait.

wendy paton

Wendy Paton Flaunting our Handmade Mouldings!

Prominently displayed in our store are eight silver gelatin prints from esteemed fine art photographer Wendy Paton. Her black and white candid portraits of Parisian nightlife are a great way to showcase the sumptuous subtleties of our handmade frames. Pictured above is one of the two wall displays in-store. The two lower prints are framed in one of our signature mouldings that features a steep inner bevel and a delicately thin outer rim. The upper two prints show off frames with discreetly beveled faces. All are finished with a satin black rub, thick 12-ply mats, and protected by Museum Glass. This is framing at its finest!

To check out more of Wendy’s work and to stay up-to-date with her career, visit her website at www.wendypaton.com.


Elegant Simplicity

In the world of framing, simplicity is key. Sometimes the most straightforward choice is the strongest one, especially when dealing in black and white. For this striking Robert Mapplethorpe poster, we chose a black frame with a slightly wider face. The proportions and sleek coloring draw just enough attention, and provides a clean finish. The white border around the image is equal to the width of the frame, and thus offers no distractions or strains on the eye. The overall effect is as starkly austere as the image itself.