metal frames

Metal Frames

We recently framed two small works on paper as a set with a 1/4″ air space in between the two pieces, which was the artist’s directive. We floated them 3/4″ to see all around on a simpatico float board: archival, 100% cotton rag board, of course, with spacers and Museum Glass.  The client wanted to use a thin 1/2″ face welded aluminum frame with a special rust finish to compliment the washy image of the artwork.

Welded aluminum frames come in a wide variety of sizes and finishes. Come and explore our collection of these finely made hand crafted frames and see how they can enhance your artwork.  They look great when framing works on paper like this one pictured here and also on contemporary and mid-century photography.



Subtle metal frame for portraits

These beautiful and fair ink portraits have been framed in a 3/16 inch wide champagne-silver metal frame.  The thin border created by this frame is mirrored by the soft grey border of the double mat.  Such borders draw attention to the light washing of the ink used to create the faces, filling out the forms and displaying the gradients of the tones.  The top layer of this double mat aims to match the cream tones of the portraits.  This ensures that the full attention of the viewer rests on the pieces.  The frames offer a contemporary touch to these graceful portraits with a deep recess of 3/8 of an inch from the flat face of the frame down to the art.  The overall affect is delicate and unique.

industrial steel frame

Steel Frames and Industrial Content

This captivating photograph is full of mischief and drama.  The staged composition and the exaggerated lighting give it a theatrical quality that is reminiscent of Americana illustration.  The scene particularly references Norman Rockwell and Andy Warhol, but with a dark twist.  We sought to match the gritty, industrial textures in the image’s scenery with a handmade, steel frame.

Rather than highlighting the lighter tones in the image with a modern white frame, we chose the steel for its industrial fabrication, its neutral dark tone, and its metallic highlights.  When light bounces off the frame at its edges, a light grey tone is produced that matches the appliances and wires in the image.  Simultaneously, the darker, raw texture of the steel beautifully compliments the high contrast shadows present in the figures and background.  The welded seams of the frame’s corners lend the piece a particularly intriguing detail.  We find the raw, metallic tones in this custom frame to be a perfect match for the picture’s dark, behind-the-scenes setting.