unique floater frame

Unique Floater Frames for Paintings

We recently framed a “Twombly-esque” painting on canvas in a unique floater frame. This frame pictured here is typically a cap frame, meaning it crops over the edge of the art, mat or glass. In this case, we added a floater base and build-up and made it into a floater frame for this unique work of art. The canvas is floating 1/4″ all around with an 1/8″ recess.  The frame itself is a step frame in white gold with medium antiquing and blue clay underneath to tie into the blue of the painting. The repetitive steps in the frame pick up on the repetitive and continuous brush strokes in the piece.  The frame and the art should look like a pair, like they belong together; and together they are a true partnership.

Thinking creatively and out-of-the-box in the framing industry is truly an asset, and in this case the client was pleased with the results.


Ketubah Cut Out

One of our clients brought in this beautiful hand cut Ketubah mounted to a thin piece of wood. We decided to go with a modern frame that maintains the organic look. We chose a maple frame with white wash on sides and white gold on top.


Framing an object

Often times people have objects that they would wish to display mounted on the wall as a piece of art.  By framing an item in a deep frame, creating a shadow box, a three dimensional piece can be hung on the wall as if it were a picture or painting.  Framing an object within a shadow box ensures that the piece remains clean and protected behind glass.

This Korean scroll has been inset within a 1 ¼ inch deep shadow box.  The silky off-white tone of the back matting helps to brighten the details of the piece while emphasizing the deep olive and red shades.  The antique silver gilding of the frame compliments the earthy tints within the piece while maintaining a sleek and contemporary effect.  As this scroll is made of paper, it will now remain free of stains and tears while it is presented as a work of art.

deep bevel

A bright side of deep bevel frames

Deep bevel frames are a popular and attractive design, but can often add shadows to a piece as the bevel can block out light.  This can be useful when someone wants a tint of moodiness added to a work of art.  But a touch of shade doesn’t work with all pieces.  How then does someone get the attractive look of a bevel while keeping their piece bright and undramatic?

This painting contains almost no black as the artist chose to use bright blues, turquoises, and yellows to fill the canvas.  The handcrafted frame bordering the piece is of a honey-colored wood that compliments the warm tones of the painting.  The ½ inch wide wood face shoots down to become a sharp, ¾ inch-deep bevel.  The bevel has been painted with a white gold that shines instead of absorbing light.  The white gold reflects the image back outward with even more brightness.  This technique adds both depth and a lively effect to any work of art.

four seasons

Four Seasons – Tim Carroll

New work up in the shop by UK artist Tim Carroll! For such a unique piece we needed to create a totally new finish on our handcrafted frame. We went with a 22k Moon Gold on the face with a chestnut stain on the sides.

vintage expression

Expressionist Vintage Painting

This stunning expressionist vintage painting from a Parisian artist deserved something unique, so we chose an art deco frame. The decorative art style of the 20s and 30s was characterized by bold geometric shapes and strong colors. This style is mirrored in both the piece and the hand gilded white gold frame.

multiple float

Floating Multiple Pieces in a Frame

Framing more than one piece in a frame is a popular way of presenting smaller art.  This works best for a series or pieces that are related to each other.  But window matting, when the mat cusps over the edges of the art, doesn’t always suit the art to be framed.  Floating the art above the back mat creates a unique and overall clean presentation.

These bright and contemporary Japanese prints have been cropped so the ink comes right to the edge of the paper.  We floated these pieces, side by side in the same frame above a white back mat, to allow the works to be completely exposed and play off each other.  The ½ inch shadow box within this frame paired with the raise of the art creates dimension within the frame while bringing the art forward in a unique and contemporary style.  This custom, hand-crafted wood frame has a gold unlaying finish that is exposed by the scraping of the top silver finish.  These two metallic tones work to highlight the gold and silver hues in the prints.  The brightness of the matting and frame helps to amplify the brilliant red and vermillion colors of the works.  All these elements together form a polished and vivid final presentation.

Lemon Gold

After a careful assessment, the client chose a hand finished 18K Lemon Gold finish over black rub. This frame enhances and lightens the nineteenth century still life painting done by a Russian artist.

gold frames

Custom Closed Corner Frames

sybil andrews

sybil andrews

Sybil Andrews

We recently framed a Sybil Andrews piece titled, “Father Forgive Them,” in a sharp white gold hunchback frame with a clean finish.  The matting is a soft Light Cream 4ply straight cut over 8ply bevel to give the piece an air of importance and adds a dollop of sophistication with the added depth and different methods of mat cutting. Lastly, the glazing used was Optium Museum Plexi which is anti-reflective as well as shatterproof: important for any museum quality piece.

3d artwork

3d artwork

3D Artwork

We transformed this multi-layered drawing into a 3D piece by inserting a thin, archival, cotton rag board between each layer. The final product is complete with a cream fabric mat and hand-finished, 22 karat gold frame with a red rub.

The gold and red frame looks spectacular with the pink tones in the drawing and our deep frame allows for the depth required by the 3D artwork.

22k white gold

22K White Gold Frame

Our favorite of the week! A 22 karat, white gold stepped frame is perfect for this architectural photograph. A 12 ply mat with generous width allows the photograph to breathe and elevates the piece by increasing it’s size.

gold leaf framing

gold leaf framing

Gold Leaf Frame

For this decorative print, a 22 karat gold leaf frame with hand carved details was a perfect fit. The detailed corners aid in elongating the print’s diagonal motion, while the gold coloring emphasizes the crisp floral hues. A cream mat adds dimension to the piece and draws the viewer’s eye to the center.

Handcrafted Black & Gold Frame

Paris is proud of this newly completed piece! The frame shape is the customer’s own design modeled after one of our in-store samples. Black panels and sides paired with 22 karat gold gilding complements the artwork tones beautifully. The print already has a white border, and we reveal just 3/8″ all around the image in order to display the black outline. A soft, white 2 ½ inch mat on top of the print supplies ample breathing room between the artwork and the frame.

22k corners

22k corners

in-store art framing

in-store art framing

in-store art framing

in-store art framing

Custom Framing for in store artwork

For these pieces, newly hung at Paris Frameworks on Amsterdam Avenue, we chose a custom hand-finished frame. The frame is our own special blend of metallic silver painted over a red rub and topped with an antique finish. The rough edge of the paper lends itself beautifully to a float mount. This design allows the paper to sit on top of a mat, leaving the edges uncovered.

The paintings were purchased at New York’s Affordable Art Fair, an international fair geared towards the young collector, featuring small to mid-size galleries. Check out Stephanie Brody-Lederman’s portfolio for additional pieces by the artist. We love the sketchy quality of the small works on paper that transform everyday words, images, and phrases into evocative suggestions.

french matting

French Matting

Pictured here is a Renior print, and we accentuated the piece with a French Matting design hand-painted and painstakingly executed.  The large gold band mimics the plate mark around the image as well as the fluted lines of the frame. This gilded frame contemporizes the piece while maintaining the historical integrity.  An acanthus leaf was added in each corner as a finishing touch, often done is period-framing.

On the right piece, a French mat can make an important piece museum ready.

Frame in Focus – Two French Louis XV Style Frames

Take a look at these two handmade French reproduction frames.  They might just be the perfect accent to your artwork.

Gilded in 22K gold, this 3″ French Louis XV frame has an ornamented top edge, a stylized leaf pattern, which leads to a matte finish ogee panel and a recessed gilded sand panel.

For a more simplified version, look to the French Louis XV 1-½” frame, gilded in 22K gold with a delicate beaded back edge, narrow sand panel and stylized ornamentation on the inside edge.

louis xv frame

louis xv frame

Custom Framing – Island Matting

The framing technique used for this watercolor piece is called “island matting”. The term island matting derives from the idea that the artwork is floating like an island, surrounded by matting. A key benefit of island matting is its ability to allow the edges of the artwork to remain exposed, while keeping with the appeal of traditional window matting.

For this project we chose to float the watercolor inside an oyster colored fabric mat, leaving a small amount of “breathing space” between the art and the mat. To mimic the beauty of the frame’s white gold finish, a matching silver fillet was inserted around the mat opening. The final product (pictured above) reveals this exquisite framing technique.

island matting

island matting

arts & crafts frame

Frame in Focus – An American Arts & Crafts Favorite

The featured frame is an American casetta profile frame designed in the style of famous artist and frame maker, Charles Prendergast (1863-1948).

The simple casetta design and flat frieze of the frame give it a contemporary feel, however the hand-crafted appeal and gold leafed diamond designs speak to its rustic Arts & Crafts roots.

With a modern yet traditional feel, this frame has the potential to accent a variety of artwork.

The vibrancy of India deserves a frame to match

This bright and colorful Indian painting depicts images accented with antique gold and silver.  The black border with silver botanical patterns act as a perfect window through which the painting is seen.  We used a white four-ply mat board to create a thin border within the sand color of an eight-ply double mat.  This white border prevents the piece from being overwhelmed by the many colors used in this framing job.  The double matting technique of the four-ply and eight-ply mats, as well as the quarter-inch spacer between the mat and glass, gives this piece a dramatic cascading effect which is even further emphasized by the black border of the painting itself.  The sand tones of the doubled mat mirror the shades of the sky and hills in the background of the painting.  The cap frame we chose has a facing of antique gold leaf, complimenting the antique gold used in the painting.  The sides of the cap frame are light mahogany to compliment the rich warm tones used within the piece.  Our final touch was to use museum glass as to cut the glare, allowing this piece to glow all more brightly.