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Custom Closed Corner Frames

painted finishes

We have new painted finishes!

We like to get as creative as possible with our custom frames by offering a variety of woods, stains, finishes, and styles.  Now we have three new finishes to introduce.

These neutral grey painted finishes are perfect for framing photos, decorative pieces, and any number of unique projects.  ‘Silver Half Dollar’ is the fairest of these new finishes.  This warm and pale grey adds a subtle softness to any piece, allowing the personality of the art to shine.  The medium grey ‘Pewter’ is the coolest hue of these new finishes.  This finish acts as a refined way to pull out the blue and cool tones in a piece.  The deepest new finish ‘Steel Wool’ is a warm and mature shade.  This finish presents itself as a classic border for when a black frame might appears too intense.

These finishes are available for a number of different customizable profiles and look great with any color wall or work of art.

silver frame

Aged-Silver Frame

Every frame’s job should be to complement the piece it holds.  Often-times, the framer matches the tones or “temperatures” of the piece.  In lucky instances, a frame can match the textures within the piece.

This wide aged-silver molding emulates the tones of the horses in the piece as well as the dapple-grey patterns on parts of the subjects.  The soft, warm silver of the frame delicately supports the inner characters’ texture.  The deep white 12 ply mat provides the frame job with a dramatic cascading effect, which also resembles the bevel of the frame.  This naturally brings a viewer’s eyes to the center, and therefore the piece.

Frame in Focus – Two French Louis XV Style Frames

Take a look at these two handmade French reproduction frames.  They might just be the perfect accent to your artwork.

Gilded in 22K gold, this 3″ French Louis XV frame has an ornamented top edge, a stylized leaf pattern, which leads to a matte finish ogee panel and a recessed gilded sand panel.

For a more simplified version, look to the French Louis XV 1-½” frame, gilded in 22K gold with a delicate beaded back edge, narrow sand panel and stylized ornamentation on the inside edge.

louis xv frame

louis xv frame

arts & crafts frame

Frame in Focus – An American Arts & Crafts Favorite

The featured frame is an American casetta profile frame designed in the style of famous artist and frame maker, Charles Prendergast (1863-1948).

The simple casetta design and flat frieze of the frame give it a contemporary feel, however the hand-crafted appeal and gold leafed diamond designs speak to its rustic Arts & Crafts roots.

With a modern yet traditional feel, this frame has the potential to accent a variety of artwork.

22k sunburst frame

Custom Carved 22K Gold Frame

new custom carved #22k sunburst corners for our favorited Alphonse #Mucha.. coming up shortly (at Paris Framemakers)