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Acrylic boxes are perfect for displaying three-dimensional objects such as medals, fabrics, jewelry etc. We can customize any depth and width for your piece along with a choice of anti reflective or reflective acrylic. If you have any family treasures or sentimental memories you would like to preserve, please visit us!

Grateful Dead

This was a fun project! A gift for her husband who is a huge Grateful Dead fan, this client brought in these backstage passes that make up an image of a bus. The image and colors used are so bold and we wanted them to really stand out against the background so we chose a deep black velvet backing. We raised the cards just 1/8″ to give a floating effect and added a bright purple strip on the simple black frame to add a pop of color. Everything came together beautifully and the client was so happy with the end result!

Do you have a funky piece you’ve been thinking about framing? Bring it in and let us show you how framing can be unique and timeless.

Sohan Qadri

Sohan Qadri was a yogi, poet, and painter. His paintings result from states of deep meditation, and are inspired by the colors of India – luminous, dye-infused works on meticulously serrated paper.

When our client brought us this piece we knew it needed something unique so we created this “zinc” finish over gold leaf with a natural maple side. The subtle tone of gold with the blush-colored maple works with the piece, while allowing it to stand alone as the main focus.

To see other works by this artist click the link below! 

Framing in a classic era

Framing for a classic era

This fashion drawing of two men dressed in 1920′s tuxedos is a classic example of the ritz that defined this iconic era.  The image is detailed solely in neutral tones with a light wash background and set within a sketchy graphite border.  The antique white mat gives the image enough breathing room while ensuring the piece is the central energy of the frame.

The deep bevel of the mat has been painted black to mirror the rough border of the drawing while complementing the stark black lapels and shadows of the figures.  A white gold finish on the frame relates to the flashy and glamorous era that the style is famous for.  The design of the frame stays true to the art deco architectural styles of creating geometry and clean forms.  This leaves the lasting effect revamped and tastefully vintage.


Ketubah Cut Out

One of our clients brought in this beautiful hand cut Ketubah mounted to a thin piece of wood. We decided to go with a modern frame that maintains the organic look. We chose a maple frame with white wash on sides and white gold on top.

four seasons

Four Seasons – Tim Carroll

New work up in the shop by UK artist Tim Carroll! For such a unique piece we needed to create a totally new finish on our handcrafted frame. We went with a 22k Moon Gold on the face with a chestnut stain on the sides.

vintage expression

Expressionist Vintage Painting

This stunning expressionist vintage painting from a Parisian artist deserved something unique, so we chose an art deco frame. The decorative art style of the 20s and 30s was characterized by bold geometric shapes and strong colors. This style is mirrored in both the piece and the hand gilded white gold frame.

Lemon Gold

After a careful assessment, the client chose a hand finished 18K Lemon Gold finish over black rub. This frame enhances and lightens the nineteenth century still life painting done by a Russian artist.

shirt dress framing

Mini Shirt Dress

One of our clients brought in this adorable and delicate indian influenced dress. We decided to pursue a clean and modern look using a super white hand finished frame. The dress was also slightly stuffed to add dimension.

3d artwork

3d artwork

3D Artwork

We transformed this multi-layered drawing into a 3D piece by inserting a thin, archival, cotton rag board between each layer. The final product is complete with a cream fabric mat and hand-finished, 22 karat gold frame with a red rub.

The gold and red frame looks spectacular with the pink tones in the drawing and our deep frame allows for the depth required by the 3D artwork.

lace handkerchief

Laced Handkerchief

We are thrilled to be a part of our client’s creative journey. She stopped by with a beautifully detailed handkerchief. To mount the piece, we laced it to a blue silk mat. To the left is a detail photo of our distressed maple wood frame with an inside bevel. This frame is one of a kind, crafted by our factory especially for this project!

beveled floater frame

Beveled Floater Frame

We find this hand-finished, off-white floater frame with slight inside bevel to be a great match for this painting. Similar to the bevel on a mat, the inside bevel of the frame leads the eye into the piece. Paintings do not require a mat, so the incorporation of the bevel into the frame is a beautiful pairing.

The piece is floated just a 1/4″ from the frame on all sides and recessed 1/8″ from the front of the frame.

22k white gold

22K White Gold Frame

Our favorite of the week! A 22 karat, white gold stepped frame is perfect for this architectural photograph. A 12 ply mat with generous width allows the photograph to breathe and elevates the piece by increasing it’s size.

acrylic framing

Acrylic Framing

Paris is thrilled with the results of this acrylic sanded frame! We choose the frame for our client, rather than a contemporary black or white, to accentuate and mirror the misty atmosphere of the photograph.

The clear acrylic frame allows the background to fade away and pushes the rich hues of the photograph toward the viewer.

ceramic bird

Ceramic Bird in Plexibox

For this playful ceramic bird, Paris and the client chose to keep it clean, simple, and transparent! A UV protected acrylic box and white backing lend itself beautifully to the colorful three dimensional piece.

Acrylic boxes can be wall mounted, just like a frame, or sit on a table top. This piece has a wire on the back for easy hanging and is pictured here mounted to a white wall.

gold leaf framing

gold leaf framing

Gold Leaf Frame

For this decorative print, a 22 karat gold leaf frame with hand carved details was a perfect fit. The detailed corners aid in elongating the print’s diagonal motion, while the gold coloring emphasizes the crisp floral hues. A cream mat adds dimension to the piece and draws the viewer’s eye to the center.

baby photos

Simple, Clean, Baby Portrait

A beautiful, clean, and luminous image deserves an equally clean frame job! Not only does our white mat and white frame combination help the skin tones and blue accessories to pop, our client’s photograph will be preserved for generations with UV protected glass and a 100% cotton rag mat.

We look forward to seeing these cute kids grow up and enjoy the framed portrait celebrating the newest member of the family!

ash floater frame

Ash Floater Frame

Paris was thrilled to receive this completed piece from our factory this morning. The ash floater frame with a taupe stain was custom built, based on similar in-store samples, to fit the client’s specifications. When it comes to hand-finished framing, Paris is pleased to work with you to create a shape or stain to fit your needs and your artwork!

america martin

New Artwork by America Martin

Stop by Paris Frameworks on Amsterdam to see new framed artworks by Colombian-American artist America Martin. For these pieces, purchased at New York’s Affordable Art Fair, we chose a hand-finished frame with a slim profile. The stark contrast between the black frame and white mat mirrors the contrast evident in Martin’s sharp lines and vivid colors. The frame emphasizes these aspects yet remains understated.

While born in the USA, Martin’s Colombian heritage deeply influences her work. She pulls from indigenous subject matter and combines these motifs with the landscape of the human body. Here at Paris, we respond to Martin’s references to the classics: Picasso and Matisse.

To see more of America’s work, visit her website.

Handcrafted Black & Gold Frame

Paris is proud of this newly completed piece! The frame shape is the customer’s own design modeled after one of our in-store samples. Black panels and sides paired with 22 karat gold gilding complements the artwork tones beautifully. The print already has a white border, and we reveal just 3/8″ all around the image in order to display the black outline. A soft, white 2 ½ inch mat on top of the print supplies ample breathing room between the artwork and the frame.

22k corners

22k corners